Laura Dickinson


Growing up, LAURA DICKINSON won 38 team and individual championships in 27 seasons among five sports.

Wanting to swim in college, Laura conducted and documented her own collegiate athletic recruiting process, where she received multiple offers and earned six scholarships.

Now a collegiate swimmer who competed at the NCAA Swimming and Diving Championships, Laura’s mission is to help student-athletes navigate their own recruiting journeys, receive multiple offers, and earn lucrative scholarships!

Laura Dickinson - Authour of Score College ScholarshipsA multi-sport athlete in swimming, water polo, basketball, volleyball, and tennis, Laura Dickinson excels in the water and on the court. At age 10, Laura started swimming competitively in a recreational league.

As her love of swimming flourished, she thoughtfully and meticulously dropped each of the other sports. On the way to her first league championships as a high school freshman, Laura suffered whiplash when a sport-utility vehicle rear-ended the sedan in which she was riding.

Laura endured months of rehabilitation, rededicated herself to the sport she loves, and conducted an intentional collegiate athletic recruiting process. She documented her experience so that she could help teammates, friends, and prospective student-athletes around the country also achieve their dream of competing in a collegiate sport.

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