Score College Scholarships

The Student-Athlete’s Playbook to Recruiting Success

A proven, step-by-step approach for successfully navigating the collegiate athletic recruiting process, receiving multiple offers, and earning lucrative athletic scholarships

Did you know that over $128 billion in Federal Student Aid is available from the U.S. Department of Education for students each year? AND…

  • Colleges provide over $12 billion in financial aid and scholarships annually
  • Of this, $2.7 billion is awarded each year for athletic scholarships
  • Only 6% of high school athletes compete for that $2.7 billion
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Score College Scholarships

Written from the perspective of a college applicant, who received multiple offers and earned six scholarships, Score College Scholarships provides student-athletes and their parents the most effective strategies to get noticed by college coaches and choose the “best fit” school.

Comprehensive approach.  Score College Scholarships takes you through the entire process of balancing and evaluating academics and athletic programs.

Easy to use.  Downloadable forms and templates assist with data collection and analysis.

Key insights. Learn the best strategies for getting noticed by college coaches. You’ll also receive behind-the-scenes information about campus tours, unofficial visits, pre-reads, and recruiting visits.

First-hand accounts. Read excerpts of communications to and from coaches and teammates.

Get recruited. Score more scholarships. Score College Scholarships shows you how to receive multiple offers and earn lucrative athletic scholarships!

Laura shares how to navigate and implement the recruiting process, and find the right fit in a school and program.

Don Swartz
Hall of Fame Coach, American Swim Coaches Association

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